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Department Detail:  Assessor-Associated Appraisal Services

Department Assessor-Associated Appraisal Services
Address 1314 W College Ave.
P.O. Box 2111
Appleton, Wisconsin  54913-2111
Phone Number 920-749-1995
Alt. Phone Number 800-721-4157
Fax Number 920-731-4158
Office Hours Monday thru Friday-8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The following inspection cycle is to be completed by the Assessor annually:

1. New construction, annexed properties and exempt status changes shall be physically, inspected, and the property record card prepared or updated as needed.

2.  Properties affected by building removal, fire, significant remodeling (those requiring a building permit), or other major condition changes shall be physically inspected.

3.  Improved properties under construction over a period of years shall be reinspected.

4.  All sales properties, legal description chagnes, and zoning changes shall be reviewed and inspected if deemd necessary to ensure a fair assessment.

5.  Requests for review by property owners, made after the close of the municipal Board of Review, and prior to signin the affidavit for the next assessment roll, shall be physically inspected during the current assessment cycle.

6.  Mobile home statement of monthly parking fee calculations shall be completed if Municipality has as ordinance.

7.  A classification review shall be conducted annually to determine eligibility for agricultural use value assessment and the assessment of agricultural forest land and undeveloped land.

8.  The assessor shal physically inspect at least 15% of the improved properties annually to maintain the accuracy of all the assessment records.


1. Prepare appropriate record cards in the evaluation and collection of data for residential improvements, commercial improvements, and agricultural improvements.

2.  The Assessor shall hold open book conferences for the purpose of enabling property owners or their agents to review and compare the assessed values.  The Assessor shall send notice to each property owner of any change in assessment.

3.  The Assessor shall be responsible for the proper completion of the assessment roll in accordance with current statute and the Wisconsin Property Assessment Manual.  Final assessment figures for each property shall be provided by the Assessor to the Municipality, and the roll shall be totaled to exact balance.  The Assessor shall prepare and submit the Assessor's Final Report, all TID Reports and Computer Exemption Reports to the appropriate Department of Revenue district office.

4.  The Assessor shall be present at the first meeting of the Municipal Board of Review according ot Sec. 70.47(3)(ag), Wis. Stats.  The Assessor shal  attend other meetings of the Board of Review, only of specifically requested to do so by the Municipality.  In the event of appeal to the Department of Revenue or the Courts, the Assessor shall be available upon request of the Municipality to furnish testimony in defense of the values determined.

5.  The Assessor shall distribute annual personal property statements to all businesses, and by May first each year, review statements and follow up with unfiled or incorrect statements.  The Assessor shall determine the appropiate assessment.

6.  The Assessor shall timely report to all open records requests received by the Assessor.

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