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Committee Detail:  Planning Commission

Committee Name Planning Commission
Chairperson  Darrell Simonides
Description The purpose of the Planning Commission is to promote the comfort, health, safety, morals, prosperity, aesthetics, and general welfare of this commuity. Furthermore, the purpose is to implement the land use goals, objectives, policies, and map resulting from the Town's comprehensive planning process in preparing the previously adopted Town of Turtle Land Use Plan. The Turtle Land Use Plan has been worked out between the Town, City of Beloit, and the Rock County Planning and Development Agency. The Zoning Ordinance contains an Urban Transition Agricultural District and a Rural Transition Agricultural District where physical characteristic and new cost effective development can be accommodated, and promoted, by public/private sectors.

  • Michael Birkholz
  • Jason Henschler
  • Blake Hullah
  • Josh Jones
  • Michael Jordan
  • Tim Sanders
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