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Please note:  The Lather's Road Bridge will be closed until further notice.  

On behalf of the Turtle Town Board, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our community and possibly give you some points of interest within the Town. The Town of Turtle has a population of 2429. We are very proud of our Community Center, built in 2001. It meets the needs of the people in the community and is very user friendly. The office location is 6916 S. County Road J. Office hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8:00 till noon. The office is staffed by our Clerk/Treasurer.

The Town has it's own Highway Department which is manned by 2 full-time employees. The Highway Department maintains approximately 45 miles of Town roads. The Highway Department is also located at 6916 S. County Road J. The Highway Department building was built in 2003.

Our Fire Department employs approximately 30 volunteer firefighters. An addition to the Fire Department was built in 2003, which is located at 5131 E. Creek Road.

The Town of Turtle also has a Police Department with 5 part-time officers. We have our own Municipal Court to accommodate the Police Department.

The Township is very fortunate to have several committees that help the Town function and make the community a better place to live. The list of Committees is as follows: Planning Commission, Board of Appeals, Board of Review, Safety Committee, Parks Committee, Cemetery Committee and Boundary Line Committee. Most of the Committees are made up of volunteers. The Community always looks forward to those who would like to volunteer and can contact the Town Chair with their help.

The Town of Beloit, Clinton, City of Beloit and The Illinois Stateline surround the Town of Turtle. There are 2 interstates that run through the Town; I-39/90 and I-43. The Beloit Airport is located on the south side of the Town, which is privately owned and operated. Anyone new to the area should visit our many historical sites, businesses and industry. The unincorporated Villages of Shopiere and Tiffany are recommended for starting places. You can visit Sweet Allyn Park, Shopiere Clock, Tiffany Railroad 5 Arch Bridge and the Shopiere and Turtleville Cemeteries. The Town also boasts two historic one lane bridges crossing Turtle Creek. The Village of Shopiere has one church, a meat packing plant, used car lot, The Tap "Shopiere Bar & Grill" Anne's Cafe and Soda Shop, a rolling hills golf course and a private campground located just off I-39/90 on County Road S/Shopiere Road. In Tiffany we have Bootleggers Bar.We also have fine dining, such as The Butterfly Club. These are just a few things to get you acquainted with our community.

The Town of Turtle has the Old Fashioned 4th of July, usually held the weekend before July 4th. There are many activities for all.

If there are any questions or requests, contact our Clerk/Treasurer Kristina Bennett at the Community Center 608-362-0655, or by email at The Town Chair, Roger Anclam, can be reached at 608-368-0475.

Respectfully Submitted,
Roger Anclam, Town Board Chair

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—Upcoming Meetings—
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